This is My Story


Born and raised in New York within a family deeply rooted in the diamond trade, I developed a keen eye for diamond craftsmanship. Learning from generations of experts, I absorbed the artistry of cutting and quality assessment. However, it was witnessing the transformation of stones into exquisite jewelry that truly captivated me.

Seeking to delve deeper into this art, I trained at the Inbar Jewelry School and refined my skills under the guidance of artisans from prestigious houses like Tiffany & Co and Cartier. In 2006, partnering with Daniel Setton, I co-founded Shiree Odiz online, focusing our passion on crafting timeless solitaire engagement rings—a symbol of unwavering commitment.

Through attentive listening to women reveling in my jewelry and couples at various stages of their journey, I've perfected classic designs, prioritizing comfort, longevity, and ethical craftsmanship. Embracing CAD technology has amplified precision and sustainability in bringing my designs to fruition.

The concept behind SURE STORY emerged from my personal journey. I unwittingly became the designer of my own engagement ring. During an internship with a prominent modeler in the field, I was presented with a unique task. A client sought an engagement ring, leaving the choice in our hands. I was encouraged to create any ring as if it were for myself.

Without me knowing, my future husband and boss were planning something together. I happily made the ring I wanted without realizing their secret plan. The surprise was revealed when my future husband proposed, presenting me with the exact ring I had envisioned—crafted to perfection and tailored precisely to my taste.

That singular moment sparked a belief within me:

“Every woman deserves a ring as uniquely special as she is, while still preserving the element of surprise.”

“I got to design my own ring”

Now is your turn